Dad is fine for the most part

Dad is fine for the most part, he has someone who cleans his house, he can go to the grocery store, and he cooks a little or orders out for delivery.  Yet, with his diabetes, I worry about him.  What can a company like Senior Solutions Home Care do to help in a situation like this?

Those are great questions.  So many times people thing companies like Senior Solutions Home Care can only provide housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation and personal needs.  Yes, we can and we do but we can also participate with families that may need someone to look in on a love one to make sure they are eating correctly (big issue for someone with diabetes).  We can also make sure they are taking their medicine timely and correctly (or insulin, if needed).  Finally, we can be there to help remind your love one to get up and move around and to exercise, even if it is only walking around the house.  Senior Solutions Home Care trains our home care aids in disease symptoms.  This allows us to better guide and assist our clients or their families.  Call us if you want to talk about our service, we are here to help.