We just had a home care company visit us

We just had a home care company visit us and I could not believe all the paperwork they wanted us to sign, just to get someone to sit with Dad.  Why is this and do all home care companies request this kind of paperwork?

Can I start out with I feel your pain!  As much as you hate completing all the paperwork, it is not always pleasant for the provider either.  However, please feel comfortable that you were probably speaking to a licensed company.  By state license, there is quite a bit of paperwork we must provide to the client/family in order to ensure everyone is in agreement as to what the service can and cannot provide.  Some of those forms should be a plan of care (what are we to do for the client), HIPPA form (who can we discuss the clients health needs with), emergency contact (who to call if dad is really sick or there is an accident), agency letter (indicating what the agency is obligated to do as a state agency etc.).  These only touch a few of the documents.  But if you talk to a provider who does not have at least these documents ask if the agency is licensed by the State of Tennessee, not just a business license.  This protects you, your dad and the home care aid.  If you’d like to discuss in more detail, please call.  We are here to help.