Helping Peggy during Dementia

Peggy is my only sister and we are both widows, so we look after each other. We spend a lot of time together since we have so many hobbies that we both enjoy. We play bingo at the YWCA, take pottery classes at the senior center, and we plan weekly shopping trips to the grocery store.

A few months ago, I noticed a difference in Peggy. There were subtle things like forgetting where she put her keys, days of the week, and she began referring to me as her late husband Roger. Things got to the point where Peggy was incoherent on our trips and would not respond to me at all. Understandably, I became worried. This all lead to a diagnosis of early on-set of dementia.

Some of our friends in pottery class suggested we call Senior Solutions Home Care. I wasn't sure what services they could provide Peggy, however Senior Solutions Home Care assured me that not only are they equipped to handle Dementia but all types of Memory Care and Speech needs as well.