In-Home help for Grandfather

I wasnt sure if my Grandfather was mourning the loss of my grandmother or if he was just physically tired, but he was hoarding things and seemed to not care about keeping up with bills anymore. He kept newspapers and mail stacked on counters around the house which created a cluttered atmosphere. He would go days without home cooked meals and he has never preferred fast food, so we were concerned about him eating regularly and properly.

We had many questions that we needed help answering and did not know where to start.

We called Senior Solutions Homecare not knowing much about them, after doing a web search for the type of assistance he probably needed. Welcoming a care provider into your loved ones home is not something you do often. So we really did our due diligence in finding reviews from people who used them in the past and checked their rating with services like the Better Business Bureau before giving them a call. Choosing Senior Solutions Homecare was the right choice. His care provider Thomas not only cares for my Grandfather with his home keeping and meal planning, but he also provides assistance with bathing, showering and eating on a daily basis.