Total Care

Senior Solutions Home Care signature Total Care is the ultimate in premier home care. A service that combines the best of all worlds, Total Care includes ten hours per month consultation with a professional Geriatric Care Manager as well as the services of a trained paraprofessional In-Home Caregiver.

The definitive approach to superior care, Total Care creates an environment that encourages independence while relieving the stress families often feel about their loved one's well being at home. An all-inclusive partnership that creates sustained peace of mind, Total Care delivers the best of all possible worlds for clients and their families.

Here is a typical scenario for our Total Care services:

"Mom was struggling at home both physically and mentally since dad died, but she was determined to stay in their home. All of her treasures and memories were there! She was getting more forgetful and losing interest in activities like gardening, which she used to enjoy. We knew she needed some help, but she did not want a stranger in her home, and doesn't like people touching her 'things'. She owns a lot of beautiful antiques so my brothers and I understood her concerns. My siblings, mom and I met with a Care Manager from Senior Solutions Home Care  and voiced all of our concerns about mom staying at home. We all had different ideas about what should be done and I didn't think we would ever be able to resolve our issues to the satisfaction of the whole family. Our Care Manager was so patient; her experience and insights allowed us to see the possibilities for mom to be home, safe and happy! When we heard about the Total Care service we knew Total Care Caregivers were the answer for our family! They are trained in personal care as well as meal preparation, fine furniture care, and housekeeping. Mom's caregivers are a godsend! Now she enjoys her home rather than exhausting herself trying to keep it up! One of her caregiver's even loves to work in the garden with her."

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