We have proudly served Tennessee residents requiring non-medical in-home caregiving services with a combined 20+ years of service. Over the years, we have received many kind comments praising our staff’s caring, attentive service, and we are sharing them with you here. When the time comes for you to decide about caregiving services for your loved ones, we encourage you to consider Senior Solutions Home Care's many satisfied clients.

"Give us the reassurance and understanding that “having been in our shoes before” lets us know they care for us as well."

Oh my goodness, where do I start with my comments for Senior Solutions Home Care's?  My elderly mom who has Alzheimer’s Disease, Vascular Dementia, Prurigo Nodularis, CHF, Diabetes and other significant health issues, has been living with my husband and I for almost 4 years now.  Senior Solutions Home Care personnel assist my mom in our home 3 mornings a week to give my mom a bath, assist in dressing, roll her hair and occupy her time while she eats breakfast and waits for her hair to dry.  Then, they drive her to her daycare experience.  Four afternoons/nights a week, Senior Solutions Home Care picks my mom up from daycare and drives her home to eat dinner, help her with her bathroom needs, work puzzles and play games.  Most nights they spend several hours watching old movies while resting mom’s legs above her heart for medical reasons.   We have been accepting these wonderful services for about a year now.


Recently, my husband and I were able to spend 4 beautiful days in Sanibel Island, Florida while 3 of our caregivers took care of my mom in our home and we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary away from the stresses of our everyday routine.  Needless to say, they have been lifesavers for us on many fronts.   First and foremost, they are dependable and courteous of our home and family.  Each of our caregivers are compassionate for the elderly and mentally challenged.  Most of our caregivers come from a background of similar circumstances to ours.  They not only comfort my mom, but give us the reassurance and understanding that “having been in our shoes before” lets us know they care for us as well.   We really can’t begin to say enough good things about the wonderful care my mom is receiving from Senior Solutions Home Care.  Our heartfelt “Thanks” goes out to everyone from Melissa Warren, Owner to those who handle the day to day administrative needs for us and to our "special" caregivers … Everyone is Excellent at what they do for Senior Solutions Home Care and us!

"Many Angels Helping Us"

I highly recommend Senior Solutions Home Care if you are looking for support and help for a loved one.  My Mom has been under their care 24/7 for over 4 months and it is like having many angels helping us along during a difficult time. They have a good selection of sitters with many wonderful personality types and will work with the patient or family to help get them the caregiver(s) that the family most desires whenever possible.  In addition, it is very easy to get in touch with them if you have schedule change needs. Senior Solutions Home Care owner, office staff and caregivers have been so kind and helpful, I really don't know how well I would be handling things if I didn't have them there to help us.  We have truly been blessed by their love and care.  - Dani

“Triple A, all the way.”

'Triple A, all the way.' That’s how William B. describes Melissa Warren and Murfreesboro-based Senior Solutions Home Care. The Air Force veteran, originally from Corinth, MS, has lived in Smyrna for more than 40 years. Over the years, his health declined, and after a 56-year marriage, he lost his wife. His three adult sons live nearby with their families. “My doctors are at the VA,” Mr. Barnes says. “They connected me with Melissa and her company, and now Karen comes in and helps me with cooking, cleaning and some personal things five days a week. They take care of me just like my wife would have. I think the world of them.” - William B.

Senior Solutions Home Care assists many local residents with disabilities.

“I was in a car accident in 1999 that left me paralyzed as a quadriplegic,” said Joshua P.
“To live independently and continue my college education, I needed assistance for a few hours each day to help with small chores I couldn’t do for myself. When I moved to Murfreesboro to attend MTSU, the staff and caregivers at Senior Solutions Home Care were wonderful to work with and the services they offered are the best I have received from a caregiving company.” - Joshua P.


Former nurse Alvina Primm is a client of Senior Solutions Home Care.

“After I was in the hospital last winter, I needed help once I got back home,” she said. “My niece, who lives in Washington, D.C., and I found Melissa Warren and Senior Solutions Home Care. They have taken care of me just beautifully. I’m just so pleased with their service and their attention to detail.”
Mrs. Primm says it’s hard at first to accept help. “I’ve always been very independent,” she says. “And my husband is a very private person. And even though I’m better, I still can’t do a lot. It took some getting used to, having somebody come into our home. But we’ve been so fortunate to have Linda here to help us. She’s become a friend. It’s just been an enormous blessing.” - Alvina P.

This allowed us to be able to enjoy our vacation, knowing my parents were properly cared for in our absence.

 Greg C. runs a large organization, has a family and is the only son to aging parents who struggle with physical and mental issues and live together in an assisted living facility.

“My wife, daughter and I were preparing to leave town for a vacation we had been planning for several months. My father was admitted to the hospital the evening before we were scheduled to leave. Because he was slightly dehydrated, the doctor decided to admit him for the weekend,” Greg said.
“Since his situation was not at all critical, I chose to have Senior Solutions Home Care arrange for someone to take my mother back and forth to the hospital and transport my father back to the assisted living facility after his release on Monday. This allowed us to be able to enjoy our vacation, knowing my parents were properly cared for in our absence.”
Greg added, “The wonderful staff has helped us for the past year and a half years, and has been a real godsend in providing great quality care.” - Greg C. (adult son of client)